Thursday, October 6, 2016

What a steal!

As you know, I work at Michael's. I love it. It is a great work environment and I work with a lot of great people. Getting a discount on purchases is just a bonus!

 Yesterday and today we had some really awesome sales. 

I have had my eye on this since I started at Michael's. It was on sale 70% off! Between that and my discount I was able to purchase it for $7.78! With a normal price of $34.99, I'd say I got an amazing deal!

I haven't decided, yet, what I am going to put in it. Any ideas?


  1. Yay! for getting a great bargain. I love it. Several things come to mind. You could keep notecards, stationery, stamps, paper clips etc. or small glue, pens, paint, etc. or even spice jars.

  2. What a deal! What is it supposed to be used for? You could put so many things in it!

  3. Love it! It looks too small for books or tea canister though... :)
    Maybe you could use it for makeup etc. on the bathroom counter? Or put individual tea bags in the cubbies? Or Mildred's idea is great of office type supplies. Whatever you do will be cute in it!

  4. THAT is gorgeous! I would have wanted it too, although I am not sure what I'd do with it either. Just enjoy it. Good job, waiting until it was practically free. xoxo