Monday, November 30, 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a fantastic dinner at Andrew's parents house. It was full to the brim with 13 of us stuffed in, 7 of that number being kids! But, when you have a spread like this and family around, not having a chair to sit in or a place to set your plate doesn't matter as much. 

This doesn't even include the 6 or 8 pies that were demolished through the coarse of the afternoon! 

My employer gives us all a turkey the week before thanksgiving, so we brought the turkey. It was our first time cooking turkey, so it was a bit of an unknown adventure. We borrowed my mom's electric roaster and it was fabulous. If you have never tried it, I really recommend it. No hassle, no checking the turkey to make sure it is staying moist. Just plug it in and go. We couldn't even get our turkey out in one piece, it was so tender!

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and a relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Workday Saturday

Since this was my weekend off, Saturday was supposed to be a day of nothing. However, with Christmas fast approaching, we realized that we need to do some work in order to have a place to put our tree. 

So, we did some work that we have been planning on doing since we got married.

This is the living room before.

And this is after.

This is an old trunk that I bought a few years ago for my birthday. It's a little tall for a coffee table, but I love it!

The table that was here before is now a desk in the bedroom so Andrew has a place to work from when he is working from home.

We have a place for our Christmas tree now!

Once we get all that junk out of the way.

I think we will have this place looking good, just in time to move next fall!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I've had a bit of an unintended break from the blogging world. 

As this past weekend was my weekend off, it was supposed to be a quiet weekend with my husband and family. One thing led to another and we spend the day Saturday moving furniture around. (More on that another day) We spent a great evening, Saturday, with my sister and her family, just catching up and enjoying pizza and baked goodies.

Come Sunday morning, however, this was me.

Andrew went to church, while I stayed home and watched some of those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. It's a weakness; I love them!

As a type 1 diabetic, a cold is never just a cold. A cold brings with it blood sugars that fly all over the board. 

But, I am on the mend and feeling better. I'm very thankful for a husband who makes dinner (although he does this almost every day), and also washes the dishes (he hates washing the dishes!) when I am sick. 

I will be back with you all this week!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I went for a walk.

Andrew and I have been trying to be more active, (it really helps my blood sugar, not to mention that it is really good for you) so we have been trying to take walks. 

So, I got up on time this morning and had breakfast and a cup of coffee and, after cramming a hat on my head, (it was only 33 degrees and no one wants to see my bedhead) I set of for my 8:30 am walk.

Our poor tree is ready for winter. I was enjoying seeing all the colorful leaves and now they are gone.

I am certainly not ready for winter!

Even though it was just above freezing temps outside, I saw these cute little guys along the way.

And finally, I saw this...

Someone really likes Scooby Doo!

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Bionic Self

As most of you already know, I have type 1 diabetes. I've had it for 10 years and have been fortunate to have had an insulin pump for 8 of those 10.

I'd like you to meet my brand new pump, Lucy. 

Yes, she has a name. When you have something like this stuck to you 24/7, you have to find a way to like it, and, for me, part of that is giving it a name. 

Along with this new pump I have some new equipment; a CGM, or continuous glucose monitor. 

This is Ethel. She very willingly checks my glucose levels every 5 minutes and relates that info to Lucy so I can be aware. She also allows me to only have to poke myself two or three times a day. It is fabulous!

I had a class on how it all works, but it takes a lot of adjusting. There is a huge learning curve with this. My wonderful husband took the afternoon off work and came to the class with me, and between the two of us we are trying to get this thing figured out. 

I am blessed to have access to this type of equipment to help keep me healthy. It is just another part of my bionic self!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Crafting night

Every other Tuesday night I go over to my Aunt's house for a night of crafting, with a lot of laughter thrown in. 

This week we were working on Christmas things.

Here's Aunt Karla and Aunt Diane, crafting away. Aunt Diane was trying out a new hobby, wood burning. She made a fabulous wood burned spoon.

Some of our crafting supplies.

Aunt Karla making tiny pink ornaments for her tree.

This is my finished holiday box. Shabby chic, with a splash of color.

I love that I am able to get together with them and have so much fun. 

If you are looking for gifts, check out their etsy page. They have dolls and jewelry and bags and lots of other cute stuff!