Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Tour

I love my job. I have great co-workers and a great job. It does have some drawbacks, though. I see way too many things that I would like to buy! I have added to our supply of Christmas decorations this year.

Our tree is still in need of a good topper. We haven't found one we like yet, so we stick with the santa hat.

No Christmas is complete without our little santa carving from dad. 

I love the splash of red from the sign. 

I had to find some Christmas filler for my table centerpiece.

Our reading nook got some Christmas cheer, too. I got a new pillow. I love the little bells on it.

And a new little tree.

I have yet to write on my new chalkboard, but I think it will stay out all year. The little stuffed animal, Snowball, is something that I saved from my childhood. He was always out every Christmas growing up and I just couldn't see him gotten rid of.

And finally, this window is also new. I am going to find a place on the wall and keep him out year-round. 


  1. Oh it looks so cute. I love love love the window. I also spotted a super cute Christmas card hanging up also :)

  2. I enjoyed your Christmas House Tour, Heather. Everything is so festive. Your tree is nicely decorated, too. Like Cheri, I love the window. I have never seen a frame quite like that. I may need to have Alan make one for me that is like it. The wreath looks so pretty on it.

  3. Everything looks so cute! I love that snowball has a new home. :) That window is just the best!

  4. I was never happy with my tree toppers either until I was converted to huge, fluffy, sparkling bows. Now I can't imagine using anything else. Your tree looks great and I'm NUTS about that window! Cute use for your centerpiece too. I couldn't wait to put out my Christmas pillows this year, having added several new ones. Merry Christmas to you and Andrew! xoxo

  5. Um, yeah. There is no way I could work at Michaels, Joanns, Hob Lob or anything of the like and expect to bring home a profit, LOL! All the new stuff is adorable - I LOOOVVEE the window with the wreath - so cute! I can't believe you still have snowball - every year we'd be so excited when he came out and then Mom would put him high up on a shelf so we couldn't press his music button over and over. Glad he's still around. :)

  6. Cute! Love the Christmas filler as well - so bright and colorful