Monday, January 2, 2017

Out with Ruby

Andrew had a couple weeks off over Christmas, so we took some time to do things with two of our nieces. We had Alaina over to decorate cookies, so last week Thursday we took Ruby out for the afternoon.

We headed to the mall and took a couple rides on the carousel. She was a little quiet and unsure for the first ride (although I'm told she has been on one before). She picked this pig (or maybe it's a boar) for the first ride.

For her second ride she was very adamant that she ride the bunny. 

She was much more like her normal self.

We tried to play in the play area at the mall, but when you are used to following your big sister around, those places can be scary. Plus, it was crazy busy and full of kids. So, we left and went to  McDonalds for supper. After eating we went to play in the play area.

Once she figured it out, she loved going down the slide.

However, Aunt Heather spilled the beans that parents can go in as well as the kids. After this she wanted Uncle Andrew to go in with her. What a great uncle. He barely fit in there!

We stopped in the toy store while we were at the mall. Ruby had a thing for Andrew's beard. She kept petting him!

She certainly does love her Uncle Andrew, though! 

It was a great afternoon. We always love spending time with them!


  1. Your nieces are the cutest little girls. I so enjoy seeing them on your mom's blog as well. That Ruby is just a firecracker. So sassy!!

  2. Love this- the girls are so blessed to have you both!! I know what a blessing they are as well :)

  3. Precious. My son Andrew loves to take Dagny out for dates. They have such adventures. I can't believe how much Ruby looks like Alaina. It's like going back in time! xoxo

  4. When you said that at first Ruby was quiet, I remembered that that is the reaction of the second child. They depend on the older one. But trust me, that will not last! Hahaha!
    She is soooo cute!

  5. Ha ha! I love all these cute photos. I have to say I think I would feel more comfortable on the bunny too than the scary boar/pig thing. :) Both girls sure do love their Uncle Andrew - and their Auntie Heather too! :)

  6. This is crazy - I know I left a comment here earlier! Anyway - what a fun time for all of you. Ruby is lucky to have such a fun aunt and uncle.

  7. Ruby is so cute "petting" Andrew's beard! lol I know you all enjoyed your special time together. Reminds me very much of when my nieces/nephews were young and I would take them for a day of fun. Precious memories!