Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas 2015

Where did this year go? I am honestly not sure how it can possibly be Christmas time already!

Somehow it is, and so, I thought I would give you a little tour of our decorated, festive home.

Our wreath. Simple, but festive.

It's hard to see in this picture, but our tree does have a string of red lights running up the center. It provides a nice splash of color.

Some of the ornaments on our tree have special meaning.

It's hard to see, but this was a gift given to us when we got married. It has our names and our wedding date on it.

Our tree wouldn't be complete without a santa carved by my dad.

We also have a carved, standing santa.

These stocking were a bridal shower gift. Aren't they beautifully made?

And finally, our card holder. I cannot take credit for this idea. It was all from my husband. A dowel, some burlap, and some jute and you are set(with the help of your wonderful sister and her sewing machine, of course.)!

To top it off, and with the help of my two creative aunts, I bought these cute little clothespins and stamped them. 

They are perfect for holding Christmas cards, or pictures if you want to leave it up year-round.

That concludes our tour. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Heather, Your wreath is so pretty on your wooden door. I love your tree and thanks for sharing some of the individual sentimental ornaments. Your dad is a great woodworker and I love the Santas he carved. I hope you both receive lots of goodies in your Christmas stockings. Does Oliver have a stocking?? lol Thanks, too, for sharing the neat card holder and I love your stamped clothespins.

  2. It all looks so nice! I do like the card holder and those clothspins - so cute!

  3. So pretty and I want one of those Santas! Does your Dad sell them or are they just his hobby? Both the ornament and the Santa are perfection. Enjoy your Christmas! Your apartment looks very festive.

  4. Your decorations are beautiful. I love your ceramic tile in the background with the Scott family on it. So pretty!

  5. Very cute and nice. I love your originality. Merry Christmas to you and Andrew and Oliver. xoxo

  6. I love it - it looks great. I really need to stop by some time and check it all out!

    1. You are welcome to stop by anytime! We would love to see you!

  7. It all looks cute! That little ornament sure brings back memories. :) Glad the card holder worked out too. Looks cute!