Monday, January 25, 2016

Dishes and Laundry

What is it with dishes and laundry? 

Just when you think you have it all cleaned and put away and done, more suddenly appears. 

I'm quite sure that I washed 3 loads of dishes yesterday and the sink is full of more waiting for me today. I'm starting to think that there are little elves that come in during the night and dirty the dishes.

Someday I will have a dishwasher. At least then I don't have to look at the sink full of dishes.


  1. Yes - it's one of those jobs that doesn't stay done!

  2. Before I went to bed last night, the dishes were done and the sink was clean. I woke up this morning and there were three dishes in the sink. Who gets up in the night and eats? Dagwood?

  3. Heather, dirty dishes and laundry seem to be the woman's work that is never done!!:)

  4. John and I laugh at how much dirty laundry and dirty dishes we have with it just being the 2 of us! Maybe your cat and mine get up during the night and dirty more dishes!!!

  5. It doesn't help when kids leave bowls in their rooms to bring up later either!!

    1. I have a husband who leaves his dishes all over the house. I've learned to do a walk through before I do the dishes!

  6. I have a dishwasher. It's broken. My only wish and joy in life is that those who add dishes to the pile in the sink, will stack them properly -- yes, there is a proper way to do that! -- and run water in them. Haahaaha. xoxo

  7. Even with a dishwasher it never ends. Sometimes I think I just stand by the dishwasher all day emptying and refilling it! :)