Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Can't live with it, can't live without it.

Literally, in my case. Technology is big part of what keeps me alive and healthy. Having Type 1 diabetes I am insulin dependent. I am very grateful for my pump. It keeps me from having to give myself injections multiple times a day. 

I am also very thankful for my glucose monitor. Most of the time. 

I've had it since October and it has really improved my life. I don't have to poke myself to get a blood sugar reading as often. It checks it for me every 5 minutes. It is incredible....

When it is working properly. 

Lately I have been having some small problems with it not being as accurate as it should be. There are many reasons why this could be. It could have too much scar tissue around the sensor, it could be too close to my pump site, or the sensor itself could have gotten bent somehow. 

Whatever the cause, I have had to change the sensor way more often than I should. As a result, I am out of sensors until the UPS guy comes with my package tonight. 

So, for today, I have gone back to the days before my sensor. Today it is just me and my pump. I don't think I like it, really. I've gotten used to always knowing, right away, where my blood sugar is at. Oh well. It's just one day, and it is good for my skin to get a break.

We have to find the positives, right?


  1. Hoping it arrives early Heather!!

  2. And of course the weather is crummy! Hope he comes, and I'm glad it isn't essential. :)

  3. Indeed we do have to find the positives, even when they seem to be buried beneath a whole heap of negatives. Trooper that you are, your great attitude will win the day no matter what. xoxo

  4. I hope that the UPS man got there and that today was a better day.