Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What a mess!

What were you doing at 3:00 am this morning?

You were probably sleeping. Am I right?

This is what Andrew and I were doing.

If you are thinking we are collecting water, you would be correct. A couple weeks ago we had a really windy day. The wind did some damage to the house. We lost some shingles and have some siding hanging loose. We contacted our rental agency, but I guess the owner of the house didn't want to fix it. 

Last night we had a thunderstorm come through. At 3am I woke up to find Andrew grabbing the cooler and trying to place it under the leak. 

See that bubble? That is where the leak is. 

Gross, isn't it?

It has done some damage. I need to do some restoration to my trunk. We have books drying out around the house.

These will all survive. No serious damage. I did have to get rid of an old Webster's dictionary. It was on the bottom of the pile and quite immersed in the water. I love books, especially the old ones, so it is sad to have to get rid of it,but there is just no saving it. We also lost the cute little tray that they were sitting on, on the trunk. That, also, just had too much water damage. I'll have to go to Hobby Lobby and see about finding a new one!

Now, we are just waiting for someone to come and fix our ceiling. It is still dripping behind me as I type this. 

What a night!


  1. I am so sorry Heather. I am sorry for the leak and sorry you lost a book and tray. I am sorry for your loss of sleep too. We were supposed to have storms at that time, but they dissipated. I hope that the owner fixes your roof soon!

  2. Oh No...not the way to spend an evening.

  3. That is frustrating! Especially when you told them there was an issue. I think they should reimburse you for the damage...

  4. I agree with your mom- they should definitely reimburse you for the damage!

  5. that is horrible :( i'm so sorry and i know how much you love books!! and the tray was so cute!! :( :( i agree with Aunt Mari- they should reimburse you!!

  6. You had to throw away a vintage Webster's? Noooooo! Seriously Heather, this is awful. I am so sorry. Once many years ago our crawl space flooded and I lost so much stuff with sentimental (and actual) value. Your landlord had better chop-chop and get that taken care of or else ... xoxo

  7. That stinks....I understand about water problems. They should reimburse you for your damage though!

  8. Stopping by to wish you a happy Easter. I am back from blog break today.