Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A little project

What a week. We had a nice trip to Chicago. There will be some pictures, but I am still getting them into order. So, until then, here is a little project I did last week, after we came home.

This was our knife block. 

(Excuse the mess around it. I was creating!)

We had wanted to get a new knife block and knife set after we got married, but that didn't happen. There were other things that took priority. So, we have kept the same old, ugly knife block. I didn't like it. I figured, if we have to keep it, it can at least be made to fit in with the style we are going for in the rest of the house, right?

So I fixed it.

I painted a coat of cream, and when that dried I painted the green over that. Once it was dry I took my trusty sandpaper to it. You get little hints of the cream and the wood underneath that. I think Andrew even likes it, even though he calls it "perfectly distressed", which isn't really his style.  I think it fits in much better now and I love it.


  1. Make do or do without was our newlywed motto too Heather. Great Job!!

  2. I love the color and the cream showing thru in places. I recently found a very nice paper towel stand at the thrift store for $2 that was marked $25 from a kitchen store. I hated the color so I spray painted it! You did a great job.

  3. I like "perfectly distressed!" Sooner or later Andrew will get smart. :)

  4. How cleaver -- uhhhh I mean CLEVER -- of you, Heather! xoxo