Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Garden of Honor

This is a part of the park in the town I grew up in. Andrew and I had some time to kill before picking up pizza Sunday night and heading over to my parents. So, we grabbed some Arizona iced tea and headed to this quiet little place to relax. 

There is a statue for every war.

Revolutionary War

Civil War

World War 1

World War 2



The gulf conflict

There is also one in honor of all the women that have served and one for the Spanish American war, but somehow I missed them. I am always amazed at the detail they have. The artist was very talented. I cannot imagine how long it must have taken to make just one of these statues. 


  1. I've always enjoyed all those statues. It is such a nice addition to the park.

  2. Beautiful photos of the monuments. I LOVE places like this. I'm glad you and Andrew know how to take everything down a notch and simply enjoy one another's company, and nature, and other interesting sights. xoxo

  3. A beautiful park and statues. It's important to recognize the service of so many who have given so much. I love iced tea, too. There is a park near us that contains a brick (in the path) dedicated to my dad who served in WWII. Sometimes, we get an ice cream or lemonade and walk thru the park.

  4. It's such a cool little place, and nice and shady and peaceful, unlike the spot our crazy township has begun building a veteran's memorial. Right next to the busiest spot in town. A little bit of an odd choice...