Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I have no idea where time keeps going. I have things to blog about and just can't seem to find the time. We are too busy! I'm taking a few minutes before I go to the laundromat to tell you of our camping adventure.

Andrew's sister and brother-in-law and kids just moved out to the middle of nowhere, an hours drive from us, and are building on 10.5 acres they bought. The already have the house up and are working on insulation and finishing the walls inside. It is a nice spot and the kids love it.

The invited us out to camp overnight to celebrate a nephews birthday. We had a great night. Hotdogs over the fire, smores, birthday gifts. Lots of fun and laughter. 

We had our tent set up in a little clearing surrounded by trees. It was quiet and peaceful. We took our air mattress with us, as we didn't want to sleep on the hard rocky ground. Unfortunately, the pump to inflate it with somehow got separated from it. So, we went to bed on the hard rocky ground.

Which didn't last long. It was hard to fall asleep, plus I was having blood sugar issues so my pump keep beeping at us. We had taken emergency supplies with us just for this purpose, but as there are coyotes, raccoons, bears, and who knows what else around there, we didn't want food in the tent with us. Twice Andrew got up and got some food for me to try and bring my blood sugar back up.

It didn't work. When my pump beeped for the third time we decided that we had had enough. We gathered up our pillows and a sleeping bag and went to sleep in the back of his blazer. It was still hard, but with the back seats folded down and the front seats pushed forward, it wasn't too bad. And we actually got some sleep! 

We both love camping, but this might have been more than we bargained for! We have, since, located the mattress pump and put it with the mattress. At least we will have it next time! 


  1. I have never liked camping for that very reason Heather. I like my soft bed!! Glad you were finally able to get some rest.

  2. And that is why I like a camper, running water and electricity! Glad you got some rest though. And hooray for Andrew - such a good guy!

  3. It sounds like everything turned out after all. Your story so reminded me of my first and last campout. It was in September at Muddy Run, PA. We had our three children, a tent and 5 new sleeping bags. This particular warm day ended up with a night that got down to 32 degrees. I don't know if that was a freak thing or if we were that high in the mountains. I. was. so. cold! So was our daughter, Heather.

    There were heated restrooms close to our campout so Heather and I took our blankets and slept all night in the heated restroom. No more camping for me. Nada!

  4. Oh girl! Words cannot describe how much I loathe camping. So I'm glad you had fun. Haaaaahahaha xoxo

  5. That was quite a trip! You two really just love making all your trips extra memorable! ;)