Tuesday, March 28, 2017


What a weekend we had. Friday morning Andrew was on his way to work (he hadn't gotten very far at all) when the car stopped on him. We had it towed to a nearby car shop but they couldn't look at it until Monday. We finally heard from them yesterday, only to find out that it is bad news. The engine seized up and now we need a new one, which would cost a lot of money. So, it looks like we are going to be car hunting, but down to one car for a while so we can save up some money. That is not how you want to start your weekend or your week!

The fourth Sunday of every month our youth group goes to a local nursing facility to conduct a worship service. We leave right after church and stop at McDonald's along the way for lunch. No sooner had we gotten to McDonald's, and some of us ordered our food, than we found out that the facility has a number of people sick with the flu. They said we could still go, but it would be a small crowd and no of us want to get sick! So, we ate and went back to church.

Another Friday adventure. I had to take Oliver to the vet. It's never fun. He doesn't like being in the car and he hates being at the vet, so there is a lot of snarling and hissing when we get there. Since Andrew had taken the other car to get to work, my wonderful sister picked me and Oliver up and drove us to the vet. (Oliver was hoping that having a car in the shop would mean he would get out of it!) He had a lot of junk in his ears and a bit of an infection going on, so she put some gel in his ears to help clean them out and clear up the infection. He didn't like it. Not one bit. The problem was, that this gel needed time to settle all the way down his ears, so until that happened some of it was just hanging out at the top. He was also shaking his head a lot because he didn't like the feeling of that gel in his ears. Put all that together and you have a cat with a sticky head and very sticky, gross ears. He isn't as sticky by now; he has managed to clean some of it off. He is not going to be happy when he finds out that he has to go back in a couple weeks!

Every once in a while Andrews work will offer to buy tickets to some sort of game. During the summer it is baseball. Earlier this winter it was basketball. Now it is hockey. We always go for it. It is fun to get out and do something fun and we always get a good deal since it is priced for group tickets. When we got to the arena Friday night we found out that it was '90's night. They were playing all the good ol' songs that we both grew up with and the team was wearing fan designed jerseys. It was a fun night, made better when we won 5-3. 

It was a crazy, adventure filled weekend and I am glad that I have a few days off work this week! I am looking forward to relaxing and de-stressing!


  1. So sorry about your car. We have had to make do with one car as well. I remember it was summertime and my son needed my car to go to work and my husband needed the other one. I learned very quickly that you can make adjustments. Not fun but as a friend says, It builds your character.:) Hope you find one that is a reasonable price and in good condition. Poor Oliver...I feel his pain. Not a fan of doctors either.

  2. As we were listening to the news tonight, they mentioned that there were lots of people hospitalized because of the flu. I think I will stay in the house till May.

    Hope you can find some new wheels. I think we may need some soon. Shopping for a car is not our idea of a fun time.

    Poor Oliver. I hope the salve tasted good!

  3. poor Oliver! (Jazmine hates car rides too). i'm sorry about your car :( that is so frustrating!!!

  4. What a weekend! Glad Oliver is doing better, and hopefully the car situation will get worked out soon!

  5. You did have quite a weekend. I hope the car situation is worked out soon. Poor Sheila - she was a good car!

  6. Why do cats hate car rides? It's never a fun trip. Sorry about the car too. I HATE car issues.

  7. I'm not a cat person but I do sympathize with Oliver because who wants to go to the doctor and who wants sticky ears and a sticky head? haaahaha BTW I saw yours and Andrew's new car on your mom's blog. Sweet! xoxo