Thursday, August 3, 2017

Love my Church Family!

I have the most amazing church family. 

During the summer, when our normal school year programs are not running, we have prayer meetings during that time. Last night we had some missionaries from Kosovo that were going to be sharing their ministry with us.

When Andrew and I got to church and got out of the car, we noticed that one of our tires was flat; on the rim flat. That's just what you want to deal with at church, right?

It's hard to see, but, trust me, this is one seriously flat tire!

We decided to deal with it after the meeting. Andrew grabbed a couple of the other deacons (being a deacon himself he knows who to grab) and we headed out. One of the guys that helped happens to be a bit of a mechanic and was extremely helpful. 

He found this in our tire...

It took some trial and error to get the hole plugged. He ended up running home (he lives right near by) and getting some proper tools.

Finally, we had it all plugged and ready to go. Until Andrew heard the distinct sound of air escaping. After a thorough examination that didn't yield any results they resorted to spraying the tire down with soapy water and watching for bubbles. 

Sure enough, they found a split in the interior sidewall. How that happened, we don't really know, but it resulted in a dead tire. We ended up putting the donut on, filling her up with air, and heading home. Andrew went and got a new tire this morning and she is as good as new.

I am so thankful that we have so many amazing guys at church that don't hesitate to drop what they are doing to help you out. We have an amazing church family!


  1. Car issues are such a pain. I'm thankful you have such a great church and are involved there. It's a blessing to you - but also to your parents!

  2. My goodness- just imagine if that had been when you were picking up my girls due to my flat tire!! Glad it's all fixed!

  3. I think you must have targets on your vehicles - you do not have good luck lately!! So glad there are great people to help though!

  4. I am happy that you have good church friends to help you out. Flat tires can be such a pain.

  5. so glad you were at church when this happened. it is a blessing to be part of a good church family

  6. So thankful that you were at church when you noticed this and could rely on good helpers. It would be terrible for this to happen "on the road."