Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New friend

I got home from work yesterday around 5 pm. As I got out of my car and started to walk towards the front door, I noticed a cat, obviously belonging to someone as it had a collar on, sitting by our downstairs neighbor's deck. 

She is a very friendly cat and was very insistent that I pet her and give her plenty of attention.

You'd think she was attention starved, the way she curled around my feet and refused to leave me alone. Of course, being the animal lover that I am, I crouched down and gave her the attention she so badly needed. 

This, however, was the reaction I got when I stood up to go upstairs. 

She was less than pleased. I honestly thought she was going to follow me all the way into the house. She was right beside me until I got to the front deck. 

Oliver was not happy with me when I got inside. He ignored me the rest of the night. I must have stunk of other feline. 


  1. Cats are demanding characters aren't they???

  2. What a cute kitty! But you did cheat on Oliver. :)

  3. Yup- that is the price you pay when you betray them!!

  4. Good for Oliver! He stands up for his rights! He is #1 and he knows it.

  5. You two timer! Cheating on my buddy Oliver.

  6. awww - so cute though. Have you seen her since?

    1. I have seen her a few times. There has also been another cat around, without a collar. I was told by one of the other renters here, that there is someone in the neighborhood that feeds the stray cats of the area.

  7. We had a similar thing to happen last Dec. Turns out the kitty (who was wearing a tag/collar) had wandered from home and was lost. We took her to the vet and they were able to call her owners to come get her. They told us that was the BEST Christmas present ever! They had just moved to the area and I guess the cat was disoriented.