Friday, September 4, 2015


Every year Andrew's work does an outing to the minor league baseball team in our area. Last Saturday was the day. It wasn't the best day for it. It was drizzly and wet for some of the night, but the temperature was down so at least we weren't sweating!

For the most part it was a quiet game. Our team had a hard time getting into the swing of things at the start of the game. They figured it out by the end, but we still lost 7-6. 

Normally I don't pay much attention to the foul balls that head into the stands. They don't come anywhere near us, so it isn't a problem. I am glad I paid attention this time!

I'd like to say that we have a great story of how we came to have this ball. You know what I'm talking about; he had to jump clear out of his seat and snag it out of the air with his bare hands, or it just about hit me in the head and he grabbed it at the last minute. Sadly, neither of those are true. 

The real story is much simpler than that. The turnout to watch this game wasn't as good as usual. I think the weather kept people home. So, by the time this foul was hit more, more people had gone home and the stands had thinned out. Especially by us. There wasn't anyone in front of or behind us. Our team hit a foul ball and sent it into the stands farther up than where we were sitting. It hit something and bounced down towards us. Andrew reached behind us and grabbed it as it rolled by. 

Not a very exciting story, but we now have this fabulous minor league ball. Fun, right? 


  1. Great catch! Sometimes it pays to stay to the bitter end!!:)

  2. Nice memento!
    Nicely written post too!

  3. We had Mark's outing there last Friday. It was fun for us too!

  4. Very cool. I definitely think you should have come up with a better story - told us all Andrew jumped in to the air for it, caught it in one hand, saved it from hitting a child etc. :) Glad you stayed - I would have been gone, I'm a wimp.

  5. doesn't matter how you got it - very cool!

  6. I held my breath to the end of your story. I am sooooooo glad that you didn't get hit by the ball. BTW, congratulations on getting a minor league ball!

  7. Haaaha I was sure you were going to say it hit you. I'm glad that wasn't the case. And hey, the important thing is, you got the ball. It's impressive. I love baseball. xoxo