Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I love all the season, here in Michigan, but fall is by far my favorite!


  1. I love fall as well Heather. We are going on a little car trip on Saturday to check out the fall leaves.

    1. Heather, just read your comment about mattresses! My husband is 6 4" as well. We have had a queen bed for years but we just decided to go for a king this year. We do not have a footboard now so my hubs can at least stretch out his legs even if they hang

  2. oh I love fall too - it's the best with cooler temps (especially at work!)

  3. Hi Heather and happy November. I love this time of the year. What a pretty photo you have shared. I also enjoyed your post about your dad helping repair your kitchen drawer. So nice to have more counter space now and I do love your coffee station!