Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just like mom

I have had many people, over the years, tell me that I look like, and sometimes even sound like, my mom. I was again reminded that I am like her in more ways than one. 

Friday was grocery day. We were headed out to grab some dinner (being grocery day dinner options were few and far between) and get groceries for the coming week. We stepped out the front door when, on our way to the car, I spotted two beautiful red/orange leaves laying so perfectly on the sidewalk. 

As I stopped to take a picture, I yelled to Andrew, "Wait. I have to take a picture. This could be a blog post!". 

In that split second, I heard my mom's voice coming out of my mouth. 

It's official. I have begun the process of turning into my mom. I have a feeling that when children come along, this occurrence will happen more often. 

I couldn't be blessed with a better mom or a better role model. I love you, mom!


  1. Well both of you are lovely ladies Heather!!

  2. Aww - you're so sweet! I'm sure there are also times you think - "oh no, that sounded like mom!" :) Love you too!

  3. Replies
    1. I had to laugh out loud when I read this. It is official! You are now a full- fledged blogger. Your mother is such a sweetheart! So, being like her is a good thing.

  4. Yup - just like her! ;) And yes, that's a good thing to be.

  5. Beautiful leaves and yes, you both are very special people and it's good to be like Mom!