Monday, November 9, 2015

My Bionic Self

As most of you already know, I have type 1 diabetes. I've had it for 10 years and have been fortunate to have had an insulin pump for 8 of those 10.

I'd like you to meet my brand new pump, Lucy. 

Yes, she has a name. When you have something like this stuck to you 24/7, you have to find a way to like it, and, for me, part of that is giving it a name. 

Along with this new pump I have some new equipment; a CGM, or continuous glucose monitor. 

This is Ethel. She very willingly checks my glucose levels every 5 minutes and relates that info to Lucy so I can be aware. She also allows me to only have to poke myself two or three times a day. It is fabulous!

I had a class on how it all works, but it takes a lot of adjusting. There is a huge learning curve with this. My wonderful husband took the afternoon off work and came to the class with me, and between the two of us we are trying to get this thing figured out. 

I am blessed to have access to this type of equipment to help keep me healthy. It is just another part of my bionic self!


  1. Such a blessing to Type One diabetics. I am an old nurse and I remember the days when monitoring glucose levels was hit or miss. So glad you have Lucy and Ethel working together. I love those names!! I am a big I LOVE LUCY fan.

  2. I am thankful that Lucy and Ethel will make life better for you. How thoughtful of your husband to attend class too. God bless you.

  3. You're a brave girl, Heather. I too am very grateful for this new equipment that will make your life easier. God bless your Andrew for supporting you the way he does. Not every man would do that. xoxo

  4. I love the names! We are so happy that this technology is now available (it's come a long way) and that you are able to use these things. We're also so thankful that God brought Andrew into your life and for the support he gives you.

  5. I love the way that you handle the issues of life. No wonder God brings good people into your life like Lucy, Ethel and Andrew to support you. You go girl!

  6. I love Lucy! Ha! And she's purple - so cute. Hopefully she'll be a bit more on task than the real Lucy though. :)