Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Workday Saturday

Since this was my weekend off, Saturday was supposed to be a day of nothing. However, with Christmas fast approaching, we realized that we need to do some work in order to have a place to put our tree. 

So, we did some work that we have been planning on doing since we got married.

This is the living room before.

And this is after.

This is an old trunk that I bought a few years ago for my birthday. It's a little tall for a coffee table, but I love it!

The table that was here before is now a desk in the bedroom so Andrew has a place to work from when he is working from home.

We have a place for our Christmas tree now!

Once we get all that junk out of the way.

I think we will have this place looking good, just in time to move next fall!


  1. I see your precious cat enjoying his tower and the view! The trunk was a great find. Works perfectly in front of the sofa. I know you will enjoy decorating the tree soon. Yeah, just when you get things like you want them, it will be time to move. We still have sweet memories of our first home together and photos of our first Christmas.

  2. Temporary places can be hard Heather. But like you, I want my home to reflect me even if it is just for a little while. I am very influenced by my surroundings.

  3. I love the trunk there! You have it looking very homey!

  4. Your trunk table is brilliant. I love your taste. Oliver cracks me up, he so zen. xoxo

  5. Oh I love the trunk! It's always fun to move things around and have a change! Looks great!