Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Crafting night

Every other Tuesday night I go over to my Aunt's house for a night of crafting, with a lot of laughter thrown in. 

This week we were working on Christmas things.

Here's Aunt Karla and Aunt Diane, crafting away. Aunt Diane was trying out a new hobby, wood burning. She made a fabulous wood burned spoon.

Some of our crafting supplies.

Aunt Karla making tiny pink ornaments for her tree.

This is my finished holiday box. Shabby chic, with a splash of color.

I love that I am able to get together with them and have so much fun. 

If you are looking for gifts, check out their etsy page. They have dolls and jewelry and bags and lots of other cute stuff!


  1. What a fun family time Heather. I am going to make a few new ornaments this year. I saw a tutorial for a neat paper star. Let's see if I can pull it off!

  2. Cute!! It's always loads of fun with them! :) And lots of laughter!

  3. They are so talented! And how cool is it that ABC has bought things from their Etsy store!
    I like your box.

    1. What a cute little drawer and what you did to it is darling. My cousin is a crafter also. We ate dinner with her tonight and she showed me some of her Christmas crafts. She took a telephone insulator and painted it as the head of a snowman. It was so cute. Crafting is so much fun!

  4. Good Morning, How fun to get together with your aunts to craft and visit. The holiday drawer you created is very sweet. Thanks for the link to their etsy shop - I love the dolls they have created, especially. Have a great day.

  5. What A lovely post! We love spending time with you and Laura on Tuesdays. Hug hug!

  6. How fun to get together on a regular basis to craft, I love it!

  7. Happy Weekend, Heather. Want to let you know I finally have up a new blog post and I CAN post photos again!