Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's Been a Year?!

I'm not really sure where the last year has gone. I'm quite certain that Andrew and I just got married, and yet, as of this past Sunday, the 21st, we have been married for 1 year. 

It has been an adventure, right from the start. Last year we rented a cabin in the Smoky Mountains for our honeymoon. Boy was that a bad idea! On our way down, almost in the middle of nowhere, on the highway, we blew a tire. Luckily the exit we were near had a Walmart that had a tire shop open on Sunday (we left the morning after our wedding). After a couple hours we were back on our way.

Because of this delay, we ended up having to find our way to the cabin in the dark. Not good when you don't know where you are going. We eventually found our way up the mountain (very grateful that we had his truck and not my car!) and to our cabin. 

We had planned to spend the first day at the cabin and go out the next day. We turned off our phones and settled in, ignoring the outside world. Tuesday morning we got up and got ready to go out. We had brought some food, but not enough for the whole time we would be there, so we needed a grocery store. 

About this time the phone in our cabin rings. It's the rental agency informing us that the mayor has declared a state of emergency and we may not leave our cabin. 

Apparently, unnoticed by us, it had snowed. While I am looking out the window at the beautiful scenery, I hear Andrew saying,

"No, you don't understand. We can't stay here. My wife is diabetic and we don't have enough food."

That makes a person worried, doesn't it? We also were told that they couldn't even get emergency vehicles up the mountain to help people that had no power. Not good.

To make a long story short, after an hour or two, the rental agency found a guy with a big truck and chains on the tires to come up the mountain and rescue us. We were so happy to see that stranger! 

We ended up staying the rest of the week in a hotel in town instead of our perfect little cabin. The funny thing was, we got down the mountain and into town and the roads were just wet and there was not much snow to speak of. I guess we are just more prepared for snow up here in Michigan than they are in Tennessee. 

Next up: Our weekend anniversary getaway!


  1. Oh my what a honeymoon Heather. Yes, you take your chances when you visit the south in the winter. I am glad that you got down the mountain!! Go to Gatlinburg in the fall for your second honeymoon. It is a beautiful place, especially Cades Cove. My parents also went to Gatlinburg for their honeymoon many years ago but they got married in April so it was a bit nicer weather. Or take my advice and go to Gulf Shores. It is my happy place!!

  2. That was quite the trip! Next time you go there you'll have to do it in nice weather.

  3. On your 50th anniversary you'll still be talking about that trip. :)