Friday, February 19, 2016

Why are you here?

We did have a little adventure Sunday night that I neglected to tell you about yesterday. So, here it is.

Once a month our church has an evening service. A couple times a year we also have a communion meal. Church usually provides the main dish and everyone else brings a dish to pass. We have communion before enjoying a meal together. 

After communion and a wonderful dinner with friends, we headed home for some tea and dessert. 

We park off the alley that runs behind our house and when we pulled into the alley we noticed 3 or 4 cop cars blocking the other end of the alley. Weird, right? We assumed they were at another house and parked and proceeded to get out of the car. 

That is when a police officer started walking towards us. Kinda worrisome. 

Officer: "Do you live here?"
Us: "Yes."
Officer: "What apartment?"
Us: "3"
Officer: "Okay. Just so you know there are some officers up there."
Us: "What's going on?"
Officer: "We are just looking to make contact with number 4."

That is all he would tell us. So, up to our apartment we went, wondering the whole way what in the sam hill was going on. 

When we got to the front porch 4 officers were walking out of the house. They were not at all concerned by our presence. They nodded at us and continued on their way.

That is all we ever found out. Nothing else has happened since. Both the guy and the girl that live in number 4 are still there. We have talked to them both. They seem like nice people. 

Hopefully that is the only time something like that happens while we are here!


  1. OOHHH a mystery. Maybe he or she had not called their mom in a long time and she called the police to check on

  2. How mysterious! Arlene may be right.
    We were cleaning out the garage today and saw the sheriff visit one neighbor and then another one. We are dying of curiosity!!!

  3. Oh dear! Please do invite your neighbor for tea and get to the bottom of this! I hope it wasn't a domestic squabble. Keep a sharp eye, Heather. xoxo

  4. So weird! I still say Oliver was making some prank calls or something! :)