Monday, April 4, 2016

It's Official!

Andrew and I are adults now. 

We have been sleeping on a futon since we got married. Not the biggest (it's only a full) or most comfortable bed to sleep on, but it worked. He had it when we got married; had been using it as a bed for himself. I only had a twin bed and we didn't have the extra money hanging around to buy a new bed at the time. 

We had planned to look for one this summer or fall. However, some friends of ours just got a new bed and offered their old one to us. We gladly excepted! We gave our sleeper sofa to Andrew sister and put our futon in the living room. (Someday we will get a new couch too!)

This is our new queen bed. It is much taller than we are used to. I almost have to jump to get into bed! The headboard looks black in this picture, but it is actually a dark brown with a touch of a distressed look. 

It took us a while, but in our early thirties we finally have an adult bed!


  1. Well at 60 I finally got a king size bed and I love it. We always slept on a queen and for some reason, my hubby started taking his side in the middle. I was clinging to the edge. Like you all we started out with a full bed and that worked until we got a little fat and

  2. I like the bed very much and you will enjoy the extra room. My mama had a very high bed that you almost needed a step stool to get into! I was afraid of falling off. Hope you have a nice Spring week.

  3. It looks beautiful and so cozy, Heather. I love my bed. And it's good to look forward to acquiring new, nice things, rather than just buying them all at once. xoxo

  4. I'm glad you guys got one quicker then expected!! YAY!!

  5. Awww... my niece is growing up! Looks great