Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Dresser

As most of you know, Andrew and I are renting right now. Our current lease is up the end of October. So, in an effort to secure our next living quarters, we went and got a tour of an apartment complex in the area that we one day hope to buy in. We loved it and are now on the waiting list. 

Even though our current place is very small, and we are bursting at the seams, we are very blessed with a huge bedroom. Our next place will have more square footage overall, but the bedroom will be much smaller than what we are used to. 

This, we quickly realized, will be a problem. Andrew has this massive dresser. Really, it's too big. Neither of us are terribly fond of it either, but he needs to have a dresser. Because of the size, though, it will not fit in our next place well. So, we donated it to the church rummage sale and started on the hunt for something smaller (and with a bit more shabby chic appeal for me!). 

I follow a number of different antique/shabby chic stores on facebook. One of them is in Holland and is my favorite. They always have something for me! When they posted a picture of a dresser, I knew I wanted it. It looked perfect for what we needed. All I had to do was convince my husband.

And I did!!

(Please don't look at the junk surrounding it. We have limited storage options here.)

It was a great price and small enough to fit in the back of his blazer. 

You know how old books have that great smell, and older antiques, especially the ones made of wood, have that great old smell? This dresser has that smell. We pulled the drawers out to bring it into the house and the smell wafted out. To me, that is one of the best smells on earth. 

Anyway. That's our new dresser and I love it. It couldn't be more perfect!


  1. It's so cute! I love it too, and I'm happy Andrew likes it. That was one of our more successful shopping trips.

  2. Hi Heather, I adore the dresser. My sister's mother in law had one very similar - I love the curve of the wood. Glad that you both are happy with it. My laptop is giving me fits, please forgive if I am slow to comment!

  3. I love it!! I remember when we were first married and every new or new to us piece of furniture was so much fun. I am hoping to do a rustic look in our little house and that is just the kind of pieces I am looking for!!

  4. I do know that smell and I can almost smell it now! Your new dresser is gorgeous. I love your decorating sense. Your new place will be so cute. I can't wait until you get it all done and share photos. xoxo

  5. it is so cute Heather!!! i love it!! such a good find, it is totally you and just perfect!!!

  6. It is very cute! It's going to have a nice long life with you I think!