Thursday, April 21, 2016


I had to work Sunday morning. As I headed to my car at 3am, I was enjoying the warm weather. My car is parked behind the house, under a big tree. As I got to it, I noticed the first signs of spring. The tree had buds.

Later that day, as Andrew and I got home from church, I saw it again. A sign of spring. 

The first dandelion I've seen this year.

Then, yesterday, a couple flowers opened up on the side of the house. 

Aren't they beautiful? 

I love spring. It is one of my favorite seasons.


  1. I'm happy that spring has arrived for you. The tulips are so cheerful and colorful. Hope your day is going well.

  2. Hooray for Spring!
    PS - you're turning into your Mother, taking pictures of all sorts of things. :)

  3. I am so glad you are getting some warm weather Heather. I know you are ready for spring and summer.

  4. Oh that yellow flower is so beautiful! I love spring also :)

    1. I like your photos of the first sign's of spring. If you are like me, when you see a bud on a tree, you get a little "rush" of delight. Until, of course, instead of dandelion, you see a whole yard full like the neighbor across the street has. The rush of delight then changes to despair. Oh well...... It is living color.

  5. Truly beautiful, and wondrous to see no matter how many times you see it. xoxo