Thursday, September 1, 2016

All's Quiet

Things have been fairly quiet out my way lately. Not much going on, but there are a few things rolling around my mind. Let's wander through them.

I have to take Oliver to the vet today. He needs some of his shots and he has an ear that is bothering him again. This happened once before and we had to put drops in it for a week or two. He didn't appreciate the drops, but his ear stopped bothering him! Anyway, trips to the vet are not always a pleasant experience for him. Hopefully it isn't too bad!

Our current lease is done the end of October. We have been on a waiting list for our next apartment since July. They have called us a couple times with available apartments that we had to say no to because it would have been way to early. But....they finally had one that we could take! We get to move sometime mid October to a bigger place. It is first floor, 2 bed, 2 full bath. Laundry is on every floor, so we don't have to lug that full basket around anymore. Plus is has a dishwasher, so I don't have to wash everything by hand anymore! I'll be sad to leave our first little apartment, but so glad to move somewhere closer to my job and that is quieter and not so full of college students. I think it will be a great place for us.

I've been thinking of trying something new. Have you heard of string art? You put the nails into wood and wrap the string around the nails. It comes out looking like this:

Isn't that cool? I just have to find the wood. I'd like to find some old barn wood or some that just looks old. 

I've also started my new job at Michaels and am loving it. I have already been able to get a better grasp of where products are and what we have or don't have. I think I am really going to like working there.

Thanks for roaming around my wandering mind with me. Have a great day!


  1. Hi Heather, I sure hope Oliver is not too stressed from his vet visit. One of my cats has to use ear drops frequently - it takes both of us to give her the drops! Yes, it's exciting to be moving to a larger, quieter place closer to your job. Can't wait to see it. I know it's bittersweet to leave your first home together. At least you have photos on your blog to cherish. Very glad you are enjoying the job. All the best to you!

  2. So happy you are getting a bigger place. God is really blessing you with a new apartment and a new job at MICHAELS!! String Art was around in the 70s, A friend of mine used to do it along with quill art. Whats old is new again!!

  3. so glad you are enjoying the new job - I can't wait to visit. I'm excited for your move too - we'll be soooo much closer!!

  4. I love string art! Can't wait to see what you create!

  5. Lots of excitement in your life!
    I made string art when I was in high school. The one you showed is cute!
    SO thankful for a job you like and your new place!

  6. I'm so happy about you and Andrew finding a new apartment that will be better for you. You're going to love that dishwasher. Something tells me that if I tried string art, it wouldn't look like your sample there. Good luck and I hope you show us the result! Happy September! xoxo

  7. Those little birdies are so cute! Love your artwork ♥

  8. Such good news about the apartment! I know you'll love it. The string art is so cute! My sis-in-law Emily did something like that with a shape of Michigan, and then a little heart near GR. It turned out really cute!