Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Good Eye!

I hope you all had a good Labor day. Andrew and I had a relaxing morning before I went to work at 4:30. 

The other day Oliver was going crazy, trying to get something behind the blinds on one of the living room windows. I kept telling him that nothing was there but he kept trying to get it. Finally, in an effort to make him stop I pulled the blinds up. 

Boy was I proved wrong!

This praying mantis was just hanging out on the outside of the window. 

Oliver was very interested in him, but he did not seem to care that Oliver was there. 


  1. Poor Oliver...his prey was denied him!!

  2. I love that last photo of Oliver! That was real entertainment for him! Glad you had a nice morning before going to work. Have a good week, Heather.

  3. Poor Oliver - he is so often taunted by other critters. :)

  4. I have always loved praying mantis. I don't like holding them though because their little feet are like needles. That Oliver is a smart kitty! Good entertainment for Oliver.

  5. Yikes! You should never doubt him. Somehow preying mantis' are not as scary to me as other bugs, like grasshoppers. Maybe because they're not as fast or jumpy or something.

  6. Haaahaha Oliver is smarter than he looks. He knew there was a stranger on the other side of that window. xoxo