Monday, July 3, 2017

Base Camp

When did life get so busy and time move so fast? 

We were very busy this past week at church. It was Base Camp week. Base Camp is our version of a VBS program. We have an amazing group of people that write the lessons for the week and an absolutely amazing creative team that decorates the whole church. Our theme this year was Jesus By The Sea. We heard the stories of Peter walking on water, Jesus calming the storm, Jesus serving the disciples breakfast after he rose again, and Jesus feeding the 5,000. 

There is also a drama team that performs every night. This year it was about pirates and islanders. You know the story; the pirates stole the islanders treasure and the islanders were trying to get it back. (Which they did by the end of the week.)

These two are in the sanctuary. We had a working waterfall, 

boats for the kids to sit in and the back of a pirate ship up top!

I was working with the 6th and 7th grade girls. We had a large group!

The islanders...

and their fearless leader, Chickbow.

The band of pirates (minus their captain). That tall, scruffy looking one in the back would be my husband. He makes a pretty good pirate.

And finally, our worship leaders. They always do some silly stuff at the end of the night. This was day 4. They really pulled out the disco; we even had a conga line going! 

I was also able to bring along my niece Alaina. She really seemed to have fun. Here she is with her cabin group (she is in the striped dress). She was lucky enough to have one of my friends teaching her.

Day 5 is always family day. We do a wrap up in the sanctuary and then it is off to hot dogs and fun. We have a couple bounce houses set up in the parking lot that the kids enjoy. We also have a couple really large tarps that we set up down a hill as a slip and slide. It is always a big hit with kids and adults alike!

 I went down, fully clothed, with both Alaina and Ruby. My blue jeans were still soaked the next day, but the girls loved it!

It was a long week, but such a blessing to be able to minster to all those kids. Now to make it through the first half of this week and it's off to vacation for Andrew and I!


  1. It looks like a lot of work, but a fun and learning time!
    Yes - Andrew is a good pirate!

  2. That is such a great way to volunteer. Looks like a lot of work but so much fun. How nice that Alaina could join in too!

  3. I was blown away by the time and energy put into this. Alaina absolutely loved it and had so much fun. And Ruby had fun on the last night too going down the slide with "Auntie Hedew" Thanks for taking Alaina!