Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Springfield, stop 1, part 2

The little neighborhood they have set up is really beautiful. I loved all the old houses. They made us both think of our first apartment in the city. We realized that most of the houses in both neighborhoods were built in about the same time period, 1820-1830's. That would explain it! This is only a small sample of the houses there. There are so many more beautiful ones! 

They said that this is kind of what Lincoln's house would have looked like when he first bought it.

There was such beautiful architecture and woodwork!

I had to pull a mom and make these people stop so I could take their picture. They were headed to the of plot of land by the Lincoln house to show some kids toys of the era. Considering that it got up around 90 degrees that day, I have to imagine that they got quite warm!

It was a fun stop. I was so honored to be able to walk through his house. 

We also walked a few blocks and wandered through the Lincoln museum. I didn't manage to take any pictures there, but I highly recommend it. It was a great stop!


  1. I loved that neighborhood. It really felt like we were stepping back in time! Glad you pulled a mom - it's not all bad, right?

  2. That looks so neat- perfect spot for your vacation!

  3. Charming. I love that third picture, of the house in the Italianate style. We lived in a similar house for three years in central Ohio. It was my favorite house ever. That you "pulled a mom," haaaaahahaha. I'm sure those folks are used to it. xoxo

  4. that looks like a perfect place for you and your love of history! very cool seeing everything as is used to be

  5. Such pretty homes! So much character. I love to look at them, but I don't think I'd want the maintenance of them at this point. :)

  6. Wonderful photos. I love the architecture.