Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Not the vet!!

Oliver and I went on a little adventure yesterday. Since we got married and moved Oliver from mom and dad's to our place I haven't found a new vet for Oliver. Lately, however, I have been forced into finding one. He has been itching at his right ear and meowing like it is painful. So, with the help of one of my aunts who happens to work with a lot of people that live in my neck of the woods, I found one that is just down the road and sounded like a really good place.

So, off we went yesterday afternoon. Oliver doesn't mind being locked in his carrier, but the car ride is pure torture. He was whining and making a general racket the entire drive, which wasn't even 5 minutes. 

Once we got to the vet's office he calmed right down.  

He didn't even flinch when another cat came in and was howling and making a big stink. I think he was just happy to be out of the car!

When the vet looked him over for his annual wellness exam she said he is very healthy. He got his annual shots, but the worst was yet to come. When she swabbed his ears, his left was fine, but his right had a bunch of brown junk in it. 

Now we have drops to put in his ear for a while to get it all cleared up. He got his first drops at the vet's yesterday and is already doing better. We'll see how well Andrew and I do at giving him his ear drops!


  1. Cats and Ear Drops do not sound like a compatible pair of items!! Good Luck!!

  2. Poor Oliver. That sounds like quite a trip! Why do I have a feeling Oliver won't be the only one wet with ear drops?

  3. Poor Oliver and poor you! My cats hate to ride in the car too.
    Our oldest cat, Kaboodle, has to have ear drops for the brown gunk in the ear. It is definitely a 2 person job!!! Hope Oliver gets well soon.

  4. Poor Oliver! The vet is a rough place for him. Glad he behaved, hope the drops go ok!

  5. Poor Oliver! Ear infections can hurt so badly. I am glad to hear that he is already feeling better.

  6. Awww- poor baby. Hope he feels better quickly? So is Nick going to be doing the ear drops this weekend? That could be interesting!!