Sunday, August 9, 2015

To the zoo!

We had a crazy busy week, last week, only seeing each other at bedtime. So, on Friday Andrew worked a half day (I had worked the morning shift and got done at 11:30) and we took two of our nieces to the zoo. 

Alaina and Ruby. Two girls very excited to go see the animals!

The kangaroos were all huddled together in the corner sleeping. Alaina stood on the fence and tried to get them to come closer and said, "Come here little bunnies!". We were informed by Ruby that they do have bunny ears.

We had to go in and pet the goats.

The zoo has recently expanded the tiger enclosure and now they have this water area. This tiger came down and decided to take a nap in the water. It was a warm day in the sun.

On our way out, after we saw all the animals, they had to stop and play the drum.

We had a great day with two of our favorite girls! Thanks to their moms, Heather and Laura, for letting us steal them for the afternoon!


  1. Hi Heather, I see now what you mean about names (from your last post) lol At first, I thought...that's not Ruby!!! I was always very close to my nieces/nephews (John and I never had children). We loved to treat them to a day out way back then and now I have great nieces/nephew. That's cute about the kangaroos being bunnies. Wasn't it Alaina that called squirrels in your Mom's backyard "tree foxes"?? lol
    Both Ruby and Alaina have on the cutest dresses and I love their braids. I know their moms appreciated you sharing your day with them.
    (still on a blog break but don't forget me!)

  2. What cuties...I know you all had a great time.

  3. Love those smiles, and the kangaroo story too. You two are a good uncle and aunt!

  4. What a nice way to spend some time with those little cuties. Glad you got to relax for a little bit at least!

  5. Even after your explanation of the names which are alike in your families, I still couldn't remember who is who. Then at the end, thanks to Heather and Laura, I was really confused. Hahahahaha! I am glad that you had a wonderful day at the zoo with your favorite nieces.

  6. What fun for you all. Glad you had a great time

  7. They are so cute together! Alaina had a blast - she loves hanging out with Uncle Andrew and Auntie Heather, and having "Andrew's Ruby" (as she calls her) there was just a great bonus. She loves to play with Ruby. Thanks again for taking them - they are very spoiled!

  8. And two Rubies! That's a darling name. They are adorable together. There's nothing much sweeter than cute little girls.