Thursday, August 20, 2015

Weekend Vacation: Final

Sunday was our last day. Time to head back home to the real world. We didn't want to just go home right away, though. So, we did some looking and found an old house that we could tour. 

The Barker Mansion. 

The original house was built in 1857 by John Barker Sr. He built the Haskell & Barker Railroad Car Co, which eventually became the Pullman - Standard. When he retired his son took over and eventually moved into the house. He added a 3 story addition and did some updating in 1905. 

The Barker family is kind enough to allow the house and all the original furnishings to be used as a museum. However, because of this the insurance company will not let any pictures be taken inside the house. It was a beautiful house. It is styled after the English manor houses of the Victorian era. The hand-carved woodwork with the original furnishings is stunning. 

I do, however have some pictures of the outside of the house and the gardens. 

This is the back of the house in the gardens.

A beautiful house and garden. If you are ever in the neighborhood, check out the Barker Mansion. 

That is the end of our vacation. I think we will be seeing Chicago and Michigan City again next year!


  1. very cool! looks like just the place you love to visit

  2. I would love to tour this place!

  3. I love the flowers surrounding the pools and in the fence lines. So beautiful!

  4. very pretty. So glad you had such a fun time!

  5. So cool! We'll have to add this to our list of places to go!

  6. We would love to tour this!