Monday, June 6, 2016


About once a week I have to work the early shift. That means getting up at 2:30am to get to work by 3:30. Being up that early isn't fun, but I am usually done with work by noon and have the rest of my day (to nap, normally!).

Every so often, though, I do get to see things that people that work normal hours don't. 

One morning, I went to leave the house and met an opossum on our front deck. We chatted a little bit, agreed to leave each other alone, and went our separate ways. 

We seem to have a number of bunnies that live around my work. 

Isn't he cute? His fur looks so soft!

The other morning, very early in the morning, I found this little guy hanging outside the window by my laundry room.

He was so small and content to just sit there and wait for his next meal to come around. 

You never know what you might see when you are up and about when most of the city is still asleep!


  1. The bunny and frog are cute; the opossum....not so much! lol
    I remember when John and I first married. We had taken a dish full of brownies to my parents house. When returning home, John dropped the (glass) dish and leftover brownies. It was late, so we just left the mess on the carport til the next a.m. Well, we looked out the next a.m. and Mr. Opossum was eating brownies! Yuk!

    1. Those were cute little wild things! So glad that a little snake didn't slither by. We were driving a long today and I had my car window down so I could take pictures. I flock of birds flew towards our car. Alan quickly looked my way and said, "So glad that one didn't fly inside our car. That would be worse than a spider!"

  2. I agree - the bunny and frog are cute, the opossum - not so much. We do seem to have a lot of those little frogs at work too.

  3. Bunnies I like but frogs not so much!!lol We see all kinds of wildlife here. In fact a red fox can often be seen trotting down the road in a neighboring subdivision. I was amazed the first time I saw him.

  4. Cuteness! I had a conversation (and impromptu photo shoot) with a bright green anole lizard on my porch yesterday. I love wildlife. I would not love getting up at 2:30. xoxo