Monday, June 6, 2016

To the park!

Andrew and I had planned to have a little date night picnic at the park. The weather Friday was perfect, so we gathered everything up and headed out. 

The park we went to is right on the river and is one that we frequented before we moved to our current apartment. We would walk from Andrew's apartment to the park and then the 2-3 miles through the park. It is a great place to hang out. 

While Andrew was getting the brats going on the grill I was basking in the peaceful setting of the river. Isn't it great?

And, this is what you resort to when you realize that you have everything you need except the hot dog buns. Oops!

There are a lot of ducks by the river. These two were just hanging out on the log, although I frightened the one when I stepped on some sticks!

After putting away all the dinner fixings, we started walking. We very quickly came upon lots of geese. It's hard to see, but there are quite a number of them in this picture.

There were even a bunch of babies.

The mama's are protective, but I was able to get that close without them making a fuss. They were so cute!

We walked over a bridge at one point and saw a little duck family.

It was a great walk, with ice cream to finish off the night. I think we will be heading back again soon. Why don't you all come join us? 


  1. A very lovely setting for a picnic! Those babies are the cutest. I have always wanted to purchase an old picnic basket with mixed and matched vintage china for a picnic - John thinks that is a ridiculous idea!!! lol

  2. It is great to get outside after the cold of winter isn't it?

    1. Your pictures of the park are so peaceful looking. We have a nice park too. We do not go there often enough. There are lots of ducks/geese at our park. They just built a new barn for the peacocks. They are fun to watch.

  3. Nothing wrong with a naked bratwurst provided there's enough mustard. Dagny would go nuts at the sight of those ducks. xoxo

  4. What a fun evening! I laughed at the lack of a bun!

  5. looks like a fun time - especially if the weather cooperates!