Friday, June 10, 2016

New Toy

Last month it was this little guys birthday. Oliver is 7 now. 

We...okay, okay, it was me! I wanted to get him something for his birthday. Everyone should celebrate their birthday, right? The problem was, what to get him. He already has a cute little jar of treats that his Aunt Nikki made for him, which he loves, by the way. He knows the sound of that lid coming off. 

So, on our usual Thursday grocery run, we stopped to look at the cat toys. They had all the usual suspects: cat nip, balls, things on sticks. He has all those, and, lets be honest, doesn't really play with them that much. 

Then Andrew spotted it. The perfect gift for Oliver. The laser pointer. 

This is now the norm. Bedtime comes around and Oliver knows that the laser pointer will be coming out. Andrew plays with him until he just can't move and then we all sleep. 

We had been having problems with Oliver running from one end of the house to the other, almost every night at top speed. Since the laser pointer, we do not have that problem. He collapses and is quiet all night. 

Whoever invented the laser pointer....

I thank you.


  1. Happy #7 Oliver!!! Great photo. Oh, I am happy the laser is helping him (and you two) to sleep! Out of my 5 cats, 3 love the lasers and 2 can't see it! Weird!

  2. Perfect gift for that fussy Oliver!

  3. Aunt Nikki loves the fur babies the mostest lol Happy Birthday Oliver ~ Aunt Nikki

  4. oh, our animals love the laser too! We just have to say "laser" and mushu looks to the ceiling. (because we always point it there)

  5. Well done, everyone is happy.

  6. Andrew! Good man. Laser pointer as lifesaver. Who knew? Haaahahaha xoxo

  7. Aww! Happy Birthday Oliver!