Monday, August 8, 2016

Color Run 2016!

Andrew, being braver than me, decided to run the 5k Color Run this past Saturday morning. There was a group from our church going as well. 

There was a lot of people, so they had to let them start in waves, so that they didn't overwhelm the course. They had to wait about 15 minutes before they could start.

As they came to the finish line, they would throw one last blast of color at you, although it is hard to see in this picture.

He finished!

These pictures don't do the color justice. He had color all over. It even made it through his 2 shirts, one of them being a tight compression shirt, to his skin!

He had to go downtown Friday afternoon to get checked in. They give you a bunch of goodies: a t-shirt, headband, some other weird yellow head scarf thing, greek yogurt dressing??, fake tattoos, and a bunch of water balloons. Naturally, he had to try some of it out.

After the race, as we walked back home, we passed part of the course. Look at all that purple!


  1. Those color runs are popular here as well!!

  2. I am so out of it...I have never heard of color runs!
    Fun photos and good for Andrew!
    You two have a good evening.

  3. He's such an Andrew! Good for him for running!

  4. My Erica is a runner. I hope she does a color run someday! I'd love to see her plastered with multicolored chalk. Good job, Andrew!

  5. That looks like a blast! I'll definitely have to do one someday!

  6. that's awesome. looks like a lot of fun!